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A Project Of The Educational Cooperation Society, That Aims To Complement The Academic Training


HELMBRIDGE STUDY CENTRE was established in 1972 as a project of the Educational Cooperation Society, a registered non-profit making trust in Nigeria. Its aims are to complement the academic, moral and character training, which the students receive at home and at school.

The atmosphere of friendship in the Centre draws out the best in the students, helping to nurture the seed of virtues sown in the home. The role of Helmbridge is only complemen- tary to that of parents who remain the primary educators. The foundation of the educa-tive task that the Centre carries out with members is formation in freedom, love for the virtues and the effort to acquire them, friendship, service to others, love for work and solidarity with those in need.

To achieve these aims, Helmbridge relies on an experienced team of dedicated staff, actively backed by the parents, whose continuous input helps the staff to give each student the personal attention he requires.

The spiritual and moral formation is entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.