Moving from Cs to As with my Guided Study Program

Moving from Cs to As with my Guided Study Program

Otis Osemudiamen Anthony : I started the guided study program about six months ago after I noticed my friend's grades improve. Initially my friend was struggling in school but all of a sudden he started doing very well. So naturally I wanted to know how he managed and then I found Helmbridge study centre. The guided study program has helped me a lot to acquire the virtue of perseverance in study and to be closer to God through my study. I have learnt to discover and explore the depths of knowledge

Osemudiamen is an SS 2 science student of St. Gregory’s college Ikoyi southwest who love to research and to explore.

Nwoye Lotanna Christopher : I started in JSS 2, my mum brought me to Helmbridge and it has been nice. I have learnt the art and techniques to study, which is to sit down, concentrate and understand the topics. I have been more attentive in class and been studying regularly. When I study, I jot things down so that I can easily go back to it and revise with ease. I like the guided study program because it gives me the chance to find answers myself.

Lotanna is an SS2 science student of St. Gregory’s college, Ikoyi southwest who wants to become a doctor.

Okpala Dabel Reginald : It all started in JSS 2 when I was having problems in some of my subject especially mathematics. My dad brought me here and the story changed, I have enough time to go all over the topics that I find difficult rather than giving up on the topic or waiting for someone to come and explain which might be late. This has helped me to sit down and find solutions to the problem. After putting efforts and I cannot continue, I seek for help, which make me understand better and faster. I have moved from having all Cs in my grades to having As and Bs.

Dabel is an SS2 art student of St. Gregory’s college, Ikoyi southwest who loves drawing and history.