Victor Ndukauba (left)

How I Got Here with Victor Ndukauba

How I Got Here with Victor Ndukauba

The “How I Got Here” series premiered on Sunday the 30th of April with Victor Ndukauba in the chair. Mr Ndukauba is something of a veteran in the financial services sector, having been in the thick of things for fifteen years. He spent time that afternoon going over the journey to his current position as the deputy managing director of Afrinvest West Africa as well as the various influences he had had over the years.

His proficiency in various fields of engineering and finance helped bolster the bags of advice he gave on re-orienting one’s career path if ever the need arises, moving ahead in the professional life and preparing oneself for roles of leadership. He also spoke on his experiences mentoring younger professionals and leading teams, and what factors had both pushed him to take these men and women under his wing and helped them to go on to excel in their chosen spaces.

The event concluded with a question and answer session followed by closing remark by the director of Helmbridge. Mr Ndukauba was also available to field more questions personally afterwards.

The “How I Got Here” series is an ongoing business series featuring great speakers from diverse walks of life.