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The Father in Nigeria

The Father in Nigeria

Nigeria waited 19 years for this visit. The last time the Prelate of Opus Dei came was in 1999. Many prayed and waited eagerly for July 19 and when the day finally came, nothing could be compared to the joy all felt that "He was here!" “He was here!” “He” is the Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocariz.Those three words only vaguely reflect the immeasurable love and gratitude we feel for having been a part of those days. During the Get-Together, he advised his children to improve themselves professionally and work always for the common good. “Nigeria is the most populous and most powerful country in Africa, you should therefore aspire to conquer the entire world”, he urged.-The Opus Dei Website.

On the 21st of July he had a get-together with young students who participate in the various activities organized by opus dei centres around Nigeria. This Get-together took place at the Lagos Business School (LBS).

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