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In response to the parents request to have an excursion with their sons during the last parent's meeting, the Father and son excursion to Iroto Conference Centre, Iloti, Ijebu Ode in Ogun State was launched. The first trip was very memorable.

It was started to foster a deeper relationship between the fathers and their sons, as can be seen in many cases, the son is more drawn to the mother because the mothers are more readily available to see to the immediate needs of their children. As the boys grow up, a time will come for them to have deeper relationships with their father and without a basic relationship, it will be hard to build on shallow grounds.

The second father and son excursion to Iroto Conference Centre was on Sunday, 3rd of September, 2017. Those who attended the first one were not going to miss it for anything, while those who could not make it for the first one were ready to have their share of the thrill.

The boys in the junior boys club got their kits ready and came with their bus pass, the bus pass was to come with their father, twelve fathers came in total with some having two or three boys, the director of the centre was also on board. In order to prevent spying on their formation, the boys opted to go in a separate bus while the fathers were in a separate bus socializing with one another.

As part of the plan, a football match was scheduled to take place between the fathers and their sons. The boys, who were defending champions, were ready to give it all it takes to retain their title and not be humiliated on the field of play by their fathers.

True to their plan, the boys played well, while the fathers tried their best but could not match the exceptional team spirit of the boys, which made the boys win with two goals to nil. One of the fathers later commented that the boys hired a mercenary as their goalkeeper to win them in person of Chris Itua, the director of Helmbridge study centre.

After the football match, some boys wanted to test the water and went in for a swim, those who couldn’t swim were assisted by their friends while their fathers watched them. After all that, everyone come together for a well-deserved lunch.

The fruit of the excursion was already sprouting before the departure, it was noticed that towards the end, the boys became freer with their fathers, a father was spotted taking a leisure walk with his son and they were having a conversation like good old pals. It also gave a good opportunity to know about your son’s friend or your friend’s father.

It was a very enjoyable outing and everyone was happy at the end.