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    Finals of the 2018 Helmbrdge Science Challenge
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Helmbridge complements the academic, moral and character training,
which students receive at home and school.

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Since 1982, Helmbridge Study Centre, a project of the Educational Cooperation Society (ECS), a non-governmental organisation managed by the Opus Dei (an institution of the Catholic Church) through its science challenge assists secondary school students, especially boys to be well grounded in the area of science and boost their study habit.

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One major effect of the excursion is that it boosts not only to the relationship between the father and son but for the whole family. Each time they return from the trip, they bring home some joviality that lasts several days.


This has helped me to sit down and find solutions to the problem. After putting efforts and I cannot continue, I seek for help, which make me understand better and faster. I have moved from having all Cs in my grades to having As and Bs